Road to STANDARD flexibility

SPARK Vacuum

Possibility of pouring into molds with or without "front cup", with or without tilting, by means of a casting arm equipped with a seventh interpolated axis.

  • Tending to a maximum of nr. 2 ovens and nr. 4 casting machines (fixed or tilting);
  • Parameterized software for the management of the pouring, aimed at guaranteeing the highest quality of the process;
  • Maximum metal weight: 30 kg;
  • Drastic reduction of plant downtime, high flexibility and efficiency mainly determined by:
    • Die-casting machine segregation systems for cast unloading operations and any maintenance during the normal process cycle of the Robot;
    • Automatic oven segregation system;
For tendingof n ° 2 moulders and n ° 2 ovens


  • 6-axis anthropomorphic robot, with a carrying capacity of 205 kg at the wrist and characteristics suitable for the process in foundry environments;
  • Base for fixing and supporting the robot;
  • Casting arm, complete with interpolated seventh axis and thermocouples;
  • Blowing box;
  • Cup heating thermo lance;
  • Accident prevention fencing system, complete with perimeter panels, interlocked access / service gates, casing machine segregation systems and ovens;
  • Electric equipment;
  • Study, design, assembly, wiring, programming and pre-testing at the Evolut Service srl plant;
  • Installation, commissioning and testing at the Customer's plant;
  • CE certification Annex IIB.
  • Integration of the third casting machine;
  • CE certification Annex IIA;
  • Adaptation of the robotic cell to comply with the minimum requirements relating to the enabling technologies provided for by the "National Industry 4.0 Plan";
  • "Evolut cares" services (remote assistance, etc.);
  • Training plans tailored to customer needs;
  • Any specific options evaluated in collaboration with our specialists.
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