Road to STANDARD flexibility

SPARK Vacuum
SPARK Gravity
High degree of customization to meet various and diversified production needs, with the ability to integrate additional process modules and customize the degree of autonomy of non-coverage of the cell.
  • Realization of different processes on the castings (cutting, deburring, etc.) with a high degree of accuracy;
  • Process of cast iron and steel castings;
  • High load capacity, with weight of the part being processed by the Robot up to 60 kg;
  • High performance in terms of productivity, with an estimated ratio of 1: 4 compared to the operations performed manually by the operator;
  • Turnkey solution, complete with soundproof protection and soundproofing cabin, designed for connection to the customer's centralized suction system.
  • 6-axis anthropomorphic robot with a wrist load of 235 kg and with characteristics suitable for the process in foundry environments;
  • Base for fixing and supporting the robot;
  • Single gripper gripping system;
  • Intermediate piece support station for centering and / or overturning operations;
  • Cutting and grinding unit;
  • Deburring unit with electrospindle, complete with liquid cooling system;
  • Cast feeding and unloading warehouse, according to potential alternatives:
    • Loading and unloading conveyors;
    • Rotating loading table combined with unloading conveyor;
    • Vision system at the loading warehouse.
  • Soundproof protection and soundproofing cabin, complete with provision for connection to the customer's centralized suction system;
  • Electric equipment;
  • Robotic cell supervision and monitoring synoptic;
  • Study, design, assembly, wiring, programming and pre-testing at the Evolut Service srl plant;
  • Installation, commissioning and testing at the Customer's plant;
  • CE certification Annex IIA;
  • Full compatibility with the requirements dictated by the "National Industry 4.0 Plan";
  • Personalized training plan, held by highly specialized Evolut Service srl;
  • Possibility of combining with the range of services and programming packages provided by Evolut Service srl;
  • Possibility to take advantage of all the advantages deriving from Evolut Cares services.
  • Robot protection system, made of technical fabric;
  • Additional cutting and grinding unit;
  • Deburring unit with additional electrospindle;
  • Conveyor suitable for the evacuation of the scraps resulting from the cutting / deburring operations, with addressing outside the robotic cell;
  • Off-line programming software;
  • Adaptation of the robotic cell to comply with the minimum requirements relating to the enabling technologies provided for by the "National Industry 4.0 Plan";
  • "Evolut cares" services (remote assistance, etc.);
  • Training plans tailored to customer needs;
  • Any specific options evaluated in collaboration with our specialists.
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