The vision system Evolut

is entirely developed by Evolut, and is the latest version born from the experience gained in the field with more than 1500 vision systems installed. The main technical characteristics that distinguish it are:

  • Use of libraries developed in 3D environment;
  • Use of high resolution cameras with Giga Ethernet connection.


In function of the width of the communication band, it is possible to install a large number of cameras that can work in parallel. The use of the link Giga Ethernet allows you to install the cameras even at a considerable distance from the Personal Computer without being affected by noise.

  • The management software allows you to manage all types of existing lighting systems (led, infra-red, etc...) and use different illuminators that can be synchronized with the algorithms of the vision or with the cameras.
  • Suppression troubles and reflections software;
  • Light automatic adjustment through external light detection systems.
  • Automatic management of cameras calibration;
  • Virtual alignment of the camera to the work table;
  • It is possible to manage a large number of different models within the same job sequence;
  • Simplified use of the main systems for regulating the quality of the image acquired;
  • Possibility to define polygonal bulk areas on the work piece;
  • Masking;
  • Comparison of the images captured with the geometry of the piece 2D CAD / 3D;
  • Colour management;
  • Algorithm reading datamatrix and bar code;
  • Algorithm x dimensional calculation and for detecting surface defects.
  • 3D sensors with laser and StereoVision cameras.
creditsby Asterisko