The flowchart of the supervision system

, developed on the individual needs of the customer and customized for each cell designed, offers the possibility to check the status of each cell or of the entire line, displaying any faults arising from components installed on a graphic layout. It is possible to select in the layout each cell forming part of the line to check in detail the operating status of each device (including interlocking machines), in addition to:

  • Manage/display alarms for each device;
  • Manage alarm history of each island.
  • Manage the historic production of each island
  • Remote control Start and Stop cycles of the cell
  • Verify the number of pieces produced
  • Allocate production batches with manual operations
  • Manage the batches sorting and any changes
  • Manage and view the cycle times
  • Manage and graphically viewthe productivity of the line or of the single cell
  • Verificare lo stato degli ingressi e uscite;
  • Check the status of the inputs and outputs
  • Check the cell or the line remotely via web
  • Connect via web to Evolut headquarters enabling the remote servicing

Development in accordance with INDUSTRY 4.0

creditsby Asterisko