The 3D off-line Programming Software,

entirely developed by Evolut, enables the simulation of the deburring and milling processes by reproducing the robotised cell in a virtual environment, and is characterized by the following main components:

  • a 5 axes CAD/CAM
  • digitizer arm (in the absence of CAD CAM)
  • a process simulator

The machining program can be generated in 3 modes:

  • Importation of the mathematics of the piece (3D model)
  • Reverse engineering with digitizer arm
  • 3D scan

It is possible to manage and select the type of machining tools from the library;

It is possible to select the mode of working of the cell:

  • With piece moved by the robot on stationary tools;
  • With spindle moved by the robot on the stationary work piece


The 3D programming system allows to solve some of the problems linked to the deburring and milling process drastically reducing downtime and consequently increasing the productive flexibility with smaller minimum production series

  • Greater flexibility in the production process
  • No installation downtime during programming with the exception of the tuning
  • Rapid and easy intervention in the case of incorrect orientation of robot trajectories.
  • Simple control of collision points
  • The simulation software allows a precise definition of cycle times
creditsby Asterisko