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While browsing the , some information in the form of cookies can be registered on the user's computer. uses only "technical" cookies, as defined by the provision of the Privacy Guarantor of 8 May 2014 and therefore, in relation to these, it is not subject to the obligation of disclosure it provides, as it is it deals with information exclusively functional to the fruition of the characteristics of the site itself.

While browsing on can however be presented to the user advertising ads from the Google Adsense circuit. Instead, these advertisements use "third-party" cookies and can record information on users' consumption habits and preferences on Google's servers. The burden of receiving consent regarding third-party cookies falls on the third parties themselves, as clarified in the Guarantor's FAQ.

If you wish to be informed about the nature of third-party cookies present on and on the possibility of opting for their deactivation, you will therefore have to consult the link

As a completeness, however, we would like to inform you that you can make a preventive choice through the settings of your browser or other Internet Security software. However, this may affect the way in which you are able to interact with our site as well as other websites, making it impossible to access certain services.

For further technical details you can consult the help resources of the most popular browsers::
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